If you happen to subscribe to Highlights High Five Magazine, you'll find one of my poems featured on page 16 of this month's publication - Counting Matryoshki -

which happened to start out as this sketch:

The sketch turned into a manuscript (aimed at promoting Autism Awareness), but finally got published in a much shortened rhyming version. And now, due to the current impact of COVID-19, Counting Matryoshki has further evolved into this free printable nesting

doll craft - for kids that are stuck at home and may be looking for something fun (and educational) to do. Apart from aiding the development of fine motor skills, this craft

.will also help you learn how to count to 5 in Russian     


1) Print off the sheets and colour in the pictures.

2) Cut around the solid lines

3) Fold along the dotted lines. Tape the back flaps together at the seam and bottom, forming a pocket.

4) You can now put your dolls together -

and begin counting!

French Drawing Challenge

It's a little bit early for Christmas, but I've put together a fun (and educational) 'Christmasy' Drawing Challenge for this Wednesday of the Annunciation. These illustrations are from a french language children's book that I'm currently working on...





and I want you to copy my idea by turning some of these French words into your own funny cannes de Noël (candy cane) illustrations!

French Words List

*des aiguilles à tricoter (knitting needles)

*des bâguettes (chopsticks)

*une batte de baseball (a baseball bat)

*une brosse à dents (a toothbrush)

*un club de golf (a golf club)

*une corne (a horn)

*un crayon (a pencil)

*une épée (a sword)

*une flûte (a flute)

*une guitare (a guitar)

*une jambe (a leg)

*un marteau (a hammer)

*un parapluie (an umbrella)


Grab a French dictionary and come up with a few of your own words!

Please check back often for more exciting art activities!

© 2020 by Amanda Hayward