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Counting Matryoshki first started out as this sketch:

I have since turned the sketch into this   

free printable nesting doll craft

which will teach you how to  

!count up to the number 5 in Russian     


1) Print off the sheets and colour in the pictures.

2) Cut around the solid lines

3) Fold along the dotted lines. Tape the back flaps together at the seam and bottom, forming a pocket.

4) You can now put your dolls together -

and begin counting!

French Drawing Challenge

Inspired by drawings that I've created for a french language children's book, I've put together this

Holiday Drawing Challenge.





Turn some of these French words into your own funny

 cannes de Noël (candy cane) illustrations!

French Words List

*des aiguilles à tricoter (knitting needles)

*des bâguettes (chopsticks)

*une batte de baseball (a baseball bat)

*une brosse à dents (a toothbrush)

*un club de golf (a golf club)

*une corne (a horn)

*un crayon (a pencil)

*une épée (a sword)

*une flûte (a flute)

*une guitare (a guitar)

*une jambe (a leg)

*un marteau (a hammer)

*un parapluie (an umbrella)


Grab a French dictionary and come up with a few words of your own!

Braille Alphabet Holiday

Greeting Card

I like like making interesting things out of paper.


For example, these moccasins (that were formed out of old envelopes and decorated with little hole punches), and this rosary (that was made by folding together over 800 tiny little pieces of construction paper).

I also like typing out stories on my Perkin's Brailler (a machine that is used to type dots, which are read by people with visual disabilities).

This afternoon, I got thinking...why not combine some of my two favourite things in order to make a fun holiday greeting card craft?

Step 1)  Print off the free template, then cut off the edges around the card as shown. Fold your card in half.

Step 2) Choose some paper and use a hole puncher to make a bunch of these little dots. You can use as many different colours as you want.


Step 3) If you don't have a hole puncher, you could also use stickers. Glue one down onto each dark circle, found on the front page of the card. Allow the dots to dry, then decorate the inside of your card with extra dots, stickers, or anything else that you want (in any way that you can think of).

Happy Kwanzaa!

One of my most favourite historical figures of all time is Olauda Equiano.

I love him so much, that I have created a free colouring page about his life to share.

What better person of colour to honour this holiday season than such an eloquently spoken and influential abolitionist!

Please check back often for more exciting art activities!

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